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Ever since the beginning of our operations since early 2015, we have been able to take proactive steps towards our goal of making clean renewable energy affordable and accessible to the millions of un-electrified residents. This is where you’ll find out about our latest products, what we’re up to next,
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The AVATAR™ small wind turbine: Made using renewables, for renewables

Small wind turbines usually have numerous limitations. One or the other feature is always compromised, be it the build quality, high embodied energy, low power output. The AVATAR™ is an innovative wind turbine which addresses all these problems and more.

To start with, the AVATAR™ wind turbine has a very low embodied energy, because unlike conventional wind turbines it does not use fossil fuel-powered energy for manufacturing, and it has been manufactured using renewable energy sources. This ensures that the wind turbine produces more energy over its lifetime than was needed to make it.

The fact that high-speed wind turbine rotation results in numerous hazards is well established. Some of these hazards include safety issues, noise and wear and tear of parts (because the faster the machine spins, the quicker its parts will wear out). In order to address these issues, the speed of the turbine is limited around 300 rpm which ensures that there is no noise pollution and is ideal for urban and rooftop installations.

Other turbines usually have gear systems which are subject to early wear and tear and high maintenance, but AVATAR™  is a Direct Drive Gear-less turbine with zero gear-related wear and tear troubles or oil changes. It therefore greatly reduces maintenance costs and ensures longer operational life.

One of the distinguishing features of AVATAR™ small wind turbines is the decentralized, distributed, and localized power production. It eliminates the need for transmission lines, and the more the power produced and used locally, the more the user is self-sufficient for one’s energy needs.

AVATAR™ wind turbine therefore helps transform a consumer into a sustainable prosumer.

A Noiseless, Eco-friendly Small Wind Turbine

The AVATAR Wind Turbine is one of the world’s most silent wind turbine. It’s noiseless with less than 10% of the sound of the wind itself, along with the fact that it has no vibration, both ensure that it is a perfect choice for residential and rooftop installations.

The rotational speed of the wind turbine is around 300 rpm which ensures increased safety in all areas including urban areas. The RPM control allows for a longer bearing life and safe rooftop installation. One of the most common concerns regarding wind turbines is bird safety. AVATAR™ wind turbine is specially designed to address this issue by having visibility paints on all three blades of the wind turbine. This extra precaution ensures that the birds are able to spot the rotating wind turbine blades which thereby makes AVATAR™ one of the most unique and rarest bird friendly wind turbine.

AVATAR™ showcased at the UN Innovation Summit

Our new AVATAR™ Small Wind Turbine was once again honoured by the UN to be chosen from an exhaustive list of over 200+ global innovations competing to be showcased at the 1st UN Innovation Summit 2019 held in New Delhi, India. The summit focused on themes such as clean energy, smart agriculture, air pollution, waste management, water and electric mobility. 

The CEO of Avant Garde Innovations, Mr. Arun George had the honour and privilege to be invited to light the ceremonial lamp and inaugurate the prestigious UN Innovation Summit. A panel discussion involving top innovators were held to kick off the innovation summit where Mr. George stated “The mission of Avant Garde is to make wind energy decentralised and accessible to the global masses through its AVATAR™ Small Wind Turbines, just like how it has been done in solar sector with rooftop solar panels”.

At the Innovation Summit the company demonstrated videos of its customer installations displaying the use and benefits of the AVATAR™ wind turbine and AURA – the World’s 1st 4-in-1 Wall Mounted Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) for Wind Turbines. Informative product introduction was given to all the visitors at the Summit, who were keen to become the early adopters of this innovation. AVATAR™ Small Wind Turbine & AURA PCU were also publicly displayed for the first time at the UN Summit and introduced to various interested high-profile foreign government dignitaries and officials including the Dep. Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (Republic of Ghana) Hon. Patricia Appiagyei and Ms. Inger Andersen, Executive Director, UN Environment Programme. Mr. George was later interviewed by journalists from India’s leading TV News channel NDTV and also by award winning environmentalist and journalist Ms. Bahar Dutt for the show ‘Earth Talks’.

To be an early adopter of this breakthrough innovation, please browse the products in our online store and also feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly customer support engineers to help you with your choice.

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