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The Avatar wind turbine: Made using renewable, for renewable

Small wind turbines usually have numerous limitations. One or the other feature is always compromised, be it the build quality, high embodied energy, low power output. The AVATAR™ is an innovative wind turbine which addresses all these problems and more.

To start with, the AVATAR™ wind turbine has a very low embodied energy, because unlike conventional wind turbines it does not use fossil fuel-powered energy for manufacturing, and it has been manufactured using renewable energy sources. This ensures that the wind turbine produces more energy over its lifetime than was needed to make it.

The fact that high-speed wind turbine rotation results in numerous hazards is well established. Some of these hazards include safety issues, noise and wear and tear of parts (because the faster the machine spins, the quicker its parts will wear out). In order to address these issues, the speed of the turbine is limited around 300 rpm which ensures that there is no noise pollution and is ideal for urban and rooftop installations.

Other turbines usually have gear systems which are subject to early wear and tear and high maintenance, but AVATAR™  is a Direct Drive Gear-less turbine with zero gear-related wear and tear troubles or oil changes. It therefore greatly reduces maintenance costs and ensures longer operational life.

One of the distinguishing features of AVATAR™ small wind turbines is the decentralized, distributed, and localized power production. It eliminates the need for transmission lines, and the more the power produced and used locally, the more the user is self-sufficient for one’s energy needs.

AVATAR™ wind turbine therefore helps transform a consumer into a sustainable prosumer.

A Noiseless, Eco-friendly Powerhouse

The AVATAR Wind Turbine is one of the world’s most silent wind turbine. It’s noiselessness with less than 10% of the sound of the wind itself, along with the fact that it has no vibration, both ensure that it is a perfect buy. These features make it safe for rooftop installation too. 

The rotation speed of the wind turbine is less than 300 rpm which ensures increased safety in all areas including urban areas. The RPM control allows for a longer bearing life and safe rooftop installation. Apart from this, it can easily be seen in dark areas and can be easily spotted in pitch black areas as well due to the fluorescent rings provided on it. This also addresses the issue of safety for the birds, as there’s also the day time visibility paint on blades and the night time glow in dark rings.

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