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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my own wind turbine?

AVATAR™ small wind turbines are ideal for households, farming, telecom towers, communities and small businesses to use for on-site energy generation. Your individual site specifics (such as location, wind speed and local landscape) will eventually determine the best wind turbine type and capacity for your use.

How does a wind turbine make electricity?

Most wind turbines have three blades which face into the wind; the wind turns the blades around, this spins the shaft, which connects to a generator. A generator produces electrical energy from mechanical energy.

How can Avatar reduce my electricity consumption from grid?

Various models of AVATAR™ wind turbine (1kW, 3kW and 5kW) are available to meet various power   consumption needs. A suitable wind turbine capacity can be used for completely or partially fulfilling your energy need which reduces your electricity consumption.

How tall is the AVATAR™-I wind turbine?

Tower or pole height varies according to wind turbine models and site surroundings, but generally range from 6 to 20 meters. In general, the higher the tower, the higher the average wind speed that the turbine will experience and the smoother the wind. The AVATAR™-I wind turbine pole height is minimum 20 feet (6m).

Which wind turbine model do I need in order to generate electricity required by my house?
Power Consumption (kWh/month) system Capacity
Below 200kWh/month   AVATAR™ – I (1kW)
Between 200kWh/month – 450kWh/month   AVATAR™ – III (3kW)
Between 450kWh/month – 750kWh/month   AVATAR™ – V (5kW)

For higher capacities please email us at contact@avantgarde.energy

What is the durability of AVATAR™ wind turbines?

The operational life of AVATAR™ wind turbine is minimum 20 years.

What is the energy production per day?

AVATAR™ – I (1kW equivalent), at the daily mean wind speed of 5.5m/s, generates 5kWh/day.

What are the approximate weights of various AVATAR™ wind turbine models?

AVATAR™ – I is 72 kg, AVATAR™ – III is 90 kg and AVATAR™ – V is 100 kg.

How do I install the small wind turbine?

We provide a detailed Installation manual and a video for those customers who purchase the wind turbine for a step by step installation of the Small Wind Turbine.

What is the process of installation?

We provide an easy to understand product installation manual with every purchase which explains that the installation process is carried out in two phases:  First Phase involves construction of civil foundation for the wind turbine as per our product installation guideline. The second phase of erection of wind turbine is to be carried out after the foundation is cured. The installation can be done with the help of 1 local electrician and a couple of local tradesmen from mechanical/civil background. It takes maximum of 2 days (excluding the curing time) for the installation.

What are the appliances I can run with 1kW AVATAR™ -I system?

The power generation depends on wind speed, the higher the wind speed the more the power generation.  Usually, mean wind speed ranges from as low as 2 m/s to 6m/ s.

AVATAR™- I at average wind speed of as low as 2 m/s can light up 100 LED lights of 8 watts each for 1 full hour or 3 LEDs of 10 watts each + 2 fans of 75 watts each for 5 hours continuously.

AVATAR™- I  at average wind speed of 5.5 m/s can light up 5 LEDs of 10 watts each +  4 fans of 75 watts each +  two 50 inches LED TV of 100 watts each + 165 litre refrigerator + 2 laptops of 50 watts each + 1 desktop computer of 250 watts for 5 hours continuously.

Can we use AVATAR™ wind turbine for water pumping motors?

Yes, you can use AVATAR™ wind turbine for water pumping. You can contact us with your exact requirement for further support.

What is the battery required?

Battery sizing depends upon the electrical load, back up hours needed and turbine capacity. In general, a 1 kW wind turbine generating 5 kWh require a quantity of 4 tall tubular batteries with rating 12V 150Ah.

How easy is to dismantle Avatar Wind turbine for transportation purposes?

AVATAR™ comes in dismantle in two wooden boxes and it can be assemble thereafter disassemble (if necessary) easily for transportation.

Are your wind turbines hard to install?

No, AVATAR™ wind turbines can be installed in 1-2 days.

Can we install the small wind turbine on the rooftop?

Generally, wind turbines are not recommended for rooftop as they have high rpm which causes noise and vibration whereas AVATAR™ small wind turbine has been designed with a low rpm using a super efficient Axial flux turbine which has no noise pollution and negligible vibration. Thereby this makes AVATAR™ wind turbine one of the most suitable wind turbine for rooftops.

What are the advantages of AVATAR™ small wind turbine?

The following are the advantages of AVATAR™ wind turbine and wind energy
• No fuel cost
• Environment friendly and pollution free electricity
• Low Operation & Maintenance (O&M) costs, unlike Solar
• No sound pollution
• No vibration troubles
• Visibility paints on blades for bird safety
• Low cut-in speed of 1.4 m/s
• Low wind speed power generation
• Power generation is day and night, rain or shine, summer or winter, unlike Solar
• Long operational life of 20+ years
• Climate resilience of -10o to +70 o Celsius
• Limited use of land, unlike Solar
• Accommodation of other parallel land uses such as farming.
• Employment generation
• New economic opportunities
• Local Infrastructure & sustainable economy development

Can a wind turbine make real estate or a building more marketable and valuable?

Yes. Building Developers tell us that unattractive properties that would not sell, become easier to sell when wind turbines are installed to show that there is an additional income and when “value added” aspects of the property as a green eco-friendly property are introduced to it. Not only can buildings with AVATAR™ wind turbines get a higher price, but they attract affluent, interested and eco-conscious buyers.

Product requirements
How much space do I need for a turbine?

Ideally, stand-alone turbines should be sited as far away as possible from buildings or trees, which may block the wind and cause turbulence. As a guide, the wind turbine should be about twice the height of obstructions in the immediate front of it (for at least the prevailing wind direction). In general, the turbine should be above the height of nearby obstructions that are within a distance of 100 meters of the tower. Also the less turbulent and varying the wind, the better the wind power generation. AVATAR™-I need 10 sq.ft space for the installation but during the assembly it need the height of tower space required to erect the wind turbine. After the erection it requires only 10 sq. ft space for stand up.

What kind of batteries should I use with my small wind turbines?

Only batteries intended for power system applications should be used. This means “deep cycle” type batteries, and not the Marine deep cycle type as these are not intended for the same application. Typically “true” deep-cycle batteries will be rated in amp-hours and have some indication of the number of charge-discharge cycles that are available. Beware of the dubious claims of “deep-cycle” claimed by the manufacturers of inexpensive batteries.

Do I need planning permission?

Small wind energy installations may require planning permission depending on your local laws and you should always consult the planning officials, preferably confirmed in writing if this is needed. It is also good manners to discuss your plans and aspirations with neighbours.

If I install on grid system do I take permission from the Electric Utility Company ?*

If I install the on-grid system do I take permission from the Electric Utility Company?

What is the expected Return of Investment ROI?

Expected Return of Investment ROI depends on factors such as the wind speed and the rate of electricity. The ROI can vary from as low as 1 year (where wind speeds are high and/or electricity rate high) to an average of 5 to 6 year depending on system type, system capacity and type of installation (residential/ commercial).

Why shouldn’t I use automotive batteries in my DC system?

Automotive batteries are meant to discharge a large amount of current in a very brief time. The lead plates are thinner and often porous to allow rapid discharge. They will also wear faster and are not intended to be discharged far below their normal voltage. True deep cycle batteries are intended for more moderate loading and deeper discharge, and are made with thicker, longer lasting plates. The casing and construction of batteries intended for renewable energy systems are typically much tougher and are of higher quality than automotive batteries.

Where all can AVATAR™ small wind turbines be installed

It can be installed on ground level or building terraces.

What is the minimum tower height required?

The minimum tower height required is 6 metres and can go up to 10m or 20m depending on site.

What are the different types of towers I can use for my wind turbine?

We have two types of towers:

1. Monopole  tower

2.Tripod tower.

Note – we also have self-standing monopole tower, which can be installed without foundation.

What is the foundation used for AVATAR™ small wind turbine?

AVATAR™ small wind turbine can be installed with RCC civil foundation. AVATAR™ wind turbine also can be used without civil foundation by using a innovative and proprietary structure which is an independent self standing structure without the need of any civil foundation.

Are batteries or other storage needed?

There are two types of AVATAR™ small wind turbines: those connected to the electricity grid (“On-grid”) and those used for battery charging or backup power (‘‘Off-grid’’). Most systems sold today are off-grid, but demand is rising for on-grid systems which essentially use the grid as a “battery”: when the wind blows, the owner uses electricity from the turbine; when winds are low and consumption is high, the owner uses electricity from the grid. We have both type of system available on grid and off grid system. Where ‘Net Metering’ policies exist, which allows exporting power back to the electric grid, the owner can export excess power and earn credit or compensation or revenue as per the local laws.

What is the minimum wind speed required to make the wind turbine work?

AVATAR™ wind turbines are designed to have one of the world’s best low wind speed power generation for wind turbines. The Cut-In (starting) wind speed of AVATAR™ – I is 1.4 m/s and Start-Up (power generation) wind speed is 1.9 m/s. As power generated is directly proportional to the available wind speeds, we recommend, for better feasibility, sites with minimum 4 m/s annual mean wind speeds.

Cost and Maintenance
How are small wind systems maintained?

Routine inspections are to be performed once every few years of a turbine’s 20+-year lifespan. A professional installer or trained technician can maintain the turbine and tower through physical inspections and service.

What is the operational life of AURA inverter?

The operational life of AURA is 20+ years.

What happens when the wind isn’t blowing?

Without wind, wind turbines cannot work. If you need power backup even when the wind doesn’t blow, you can use batteries to store energy when the wind turbine generates energy and use the electricity later on.

How much payback/credits/compensation do I get for electricity which I export back to Grid?

It differs for each Electricity Utility company. Please check this with your local Electricity Utility Company if they have this policy and if so, what incentives are available for such ‘Net metering’.

Can warranty period be extended?

Yes, Warranty period can be extended at extra cost as per customer’s requirement.

Can I buy multiple wind turbines?

Yes, you can buy multiple turbines. Purchase of more than 5 wind turbine is entitled to discounts as determined by the company from time to time.

General information about renewable energy
What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that is generated from natural resources that are continuously replenished. This includes sunlight, geothermal heat, wind, tidal, hydro and various forms of biomass. This type of energy is not exhausted and is constantly renewed.

Is AVATAR™ wind turbine compatible with existing energy generation system?

Yes, generally a complete wind turbine system consists of an wind turbine, tower, wind controller (stabilize the wind power for inverter) and an inverter (decides its output voltage which I connected to electrical load) in sequence. Wind turbine is compatible with other energy generation system by just matching the voltage of the existing inverter or a new inverter using wind controller (minimum input voltage of 60 V) connected with energy generation system.

What is On-Grid System?

Grid connected AVATAR™ Small Wind Turbine Systems can be connected to the public electric network and such a system is known as On-Grid system.

When the wind turbine produces more energy than the customer’s consumption the excess energy can be exported to the gird. (This is dependent on the local electric utility policies)

When the wind is weak and generation is insufficient the required energy is imported from the grid.

What is included in one kit of On-Grid wind turbine?

The On-Grid wind turbine complete kit includes Wind Turbine, Pole, On-Grid Inverter and Wind Controller.

What is Off-Grid System?

AVATAR™ Small Wind Turbine Systems used with battery backup is known as Off-Grid system.
In such application, Small Wind Turbine systems can be used to charge batteries and store the generated energy as a back-up power.

What is included in one complete kit of Off-Grid wind turbine?

The Off-Grid wind turbine complete kit includes Wind Turbine, Pole and AURA WPCU (Wind Power Conditioning Unit – ALL-In-One Inverter, Charge Controller, Auto Grid Change Over and Dump Load). Batteries are supplied as per requirement.

Can AURA be used in 50 Hz?

Our standard AURA PCU comes with 24V/48V and 60 Hz. However, its specification can be customized for 50 Hz.

Can several wind turbines be set up in parallel?

Yes, several wind turbines can be run in parallel.

How many electric appliances can run?

It depends upon the wattage of appliances. On our website, there are charts and simple calculation formulas, you can calculate it from there. BACK UP =Battery Ah * (Volts/Load) * (0.8)

What is Hybrid system?

Hybrid systems is combination of Wind and Solar energy which are complementary to each other. This makes the system generate electricity almost throughout the year.

Can I make it a hybrid system combining solar and wind together?

Yes, you can make it a hybrid system with solar.

Can I integrate AVATAR ™ small wind turbine with my existing solar system?

Yes, it can be integrated depending upon the specification of your existing solar inverter and batteries. The parameters that are relevant for this are inverter KVA, minimum input Voltage range (60V), connected electrical load on inverter, battery voltage (V), amperes hour (Ah) and number of batteries.

Will your turbine survive a cyclone? What is the maximum wind speed it can sustain?

Yes, AVATAR™ wind turbines can sustain wind speeds up to 60 m/s.

Will your wind turbine produce electricity during rains?

Yes, it can produce electricity during rains.

Can wind turbine sustain highly corrosive environment?

Yes, wind turbine and the pole are specially built and galvanized for harsh marine conditions.

General queries about the turbine
Can I connect to the electric grid?

Small wind turbines may be installed as stand-alone systems, or they may be connected to the electric grid. Connecting to the grid requires the approval of the local utility company. Technical and insurance requirements for interconnection vary, as do metering arrangements. Connecting your system to the utility grid allows you to sell excess power that you generate to the utility, as well as to buy electricity from the utility when your needs exceed your wind-powered generation. Interconnected systems do not require batteries and thereby save on battery expenditure. If your utility offers a net metering or billing arrangement, you can even sell your excess power at the same price you pay for electricity you purchase, thereby increasing the value of your wind turbine investment.

Are wind turbines noisy?

AVATAR™ small wind turbines have been designed to be very quiet, for instance by having direct drive systems to avoid gearbox noise and to increase efficiency. Our generators are restricted to maximum 300 rpm at 6m/s wind speed; this restriction is controlled by yaw movement and blade angle. Due to this restricted RPM the generators do not produce any noise pollution and this also gives a better controlled charging voltage for battery bank, and provides a longer life to enclosed bearings. This restriction of RPM also enables wind turbine feasible for installing on terrace due to negligible vibration of the pole. In general, the sound of AVATAR™ wind turbine is not even more than 10% of the sound of the wind itself.

If wind turbine vibrates atop the tower ?

The rotor was not balanced well;
The wind turbine is not in vertical position;
The pole’s guy wires are loose or has too much play;
The pole/ tower is not adequately robust

What happens when the wind does not blow?

For grid-connected systems, the user will not notice a difference when the wind is not blowing. The utility provides electricity when the wind does not blow, and any extra electricity the turbine generates is sent back to the utility system to be used by a neighbor. Off-grid turbines store power in batteries for on-demand use and if needed, can also be complemented by solar panels to provide more consistent generation.

If the wind turbine does not have enough power:

1. Wind speed is too low
2. Installation location is not chosen well or the tower is not tall enough or not erected straight
3. The battery is too small, so that the charging end voltage is reached too early (the battery should at least have 100 Ah)

Where all do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide via ocean freight. Air freight is available at extra cost upon request.

Do you export all around the world?

Yes, we do export all around the world.

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