AURA is a PCU that is also an exotic wall mounted art piece in your home!

AURA is a revolutionary Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) which is the world’s most unique ‘All-In-One” integration of an Inverter, Charge Controller, Auto Grid Change Over and Dump Load. This seamless and multiple integration achieves manyfold benefits and advantages of lower cost, quicker installation, shorter wiring, easier packaging, lesser space, faster delivery and reduced handling.

AURA PCU charges the batteries from wind turbines when the wind blows and it also has the ability to charge from the electric Grid to ensure your batteries are always charged to power your building in any situation. AURA achieves superior energy efficiency and safety for small wind turbines.

The AURA PCU comes in 2 models- 1.4kW and 3.5kW. Both wind PCU have the following features:-

Functioning of AURA PCU: When batteries goes low output of the PCU will switch to Grid power and simultaneously the battery will start charging through Grid power for two/four hours (It has a manual selection switch for this). AURA PCU have the features of an Inverter, Wind Charger, Dump Load, Break Switch and Auto Voltage triggering device. All indications on AURA PCU are featured using LED lights which are for: Grid power, Battery normal, Low battery, Dump load ON, Inverter ON and Wind status.

AURA comes in 6 exotic cosmic themed colours:

Celestial white

Galaxy Blue

Supernova Red

Startdust Gold

Starlight Silver

Aurora Green

Now with the AURA ‘avant garde’ designer PCU, which has its design inspired from space by ‘Tethys’ – the Moon of Planet Saturn, renewable energy systems can not just be a sustainability statement, but also a design statement for your homes or offices!

System Volt : 48V

System Type : Off Grid 

Warranty : 1 years

Dispatch : Within 45 days of order placement

Price :